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Why Gratitude Matters

| TJ Gibbs | ,

Gratitude is key to happiness as many times we are so focused on the big picture (the outcome) that we miss that happiness is actually a result of an accumulation of smaller goals.  By giving thanks for being able to afford your driving lessons you recognise that this in itself is an achievement, to do likewise when you pass your theory test then builds confidence in your ability to deliver. By then being grateful for the learning provided by your instructor you benefit whether you pass your test or not first time as you are able to recognise how far you have come and that gives momentum to keep you going.

Gratitude helps you identify successes that may otherwise go overlooked and can raise your energy levels and emotional positivity as you ride that momentum. Physically gratitude enables you to focus on your successes rather than any failures and as a result let go of unnecessary stress that can sit in the body and cause inflammation contributing to an unhealthy immune system.

I tore my meniscus in my knee and as a result was on crutches.  For quite a while I leant into the disappointment of no longer being able to dance or even wear heels but as I started to focus on being grateful for being able to climb stairs again, being able to stand up at a work presentation without crutches, to be able to drive again and then eventually dance at a friend’s wedding for the first time in 2 years, by acknowledging my gratitude and successes for these mini goals kept me going until at last my legs were strong enough to wear heels and  start to feel more myself again. 

If you are looking to invest more in gratitude, to raise your spirits and keep you going whilst you achieve your bigger life or love goals, then I suggest that the minute your feet hit the floor as you get out of bed close your eyes and either out loud or internally state  “I am thankful for or I am grateful for….” This session could be as short or as long as you wanted however encourage yourself to find at least 5 things for your list to get you going.

Here are some examples of daily gratitude statements:

  • I am thankful that I can afford a Physio to help me strengthen my knee
  • I am grateful I woke up today having had a full 8 hours sleep
  • I am grateful that my presentation was well received yesterday
  • I am thankful that I was able to spend time with X yesterday
  • I am thankful that I could afford to fill up my car with petrol yesterday
  • I am thankful that I found the energy and time to go for a swim yesterday
  • I am grateful for some loving and fun friends that I will spend time with today

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