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Urgent Support

If you need confidential support and guidance asap you can reach out to TJ as a qualified Therapist, Life and Relationship coach for a same day consultation
Urgent Support
To help support and guide you if life has thrown a sudden bomb at you that means you cannot think straight. This quick consultation will give you the opportunity to breathe, collect your thoughts and be able to make decisions rationally

Many of the services provided by Life & Love are proactive, scheduled, and planned. However, life can come crashing in when we least expect it. Whether you are between sessions or not yet one of TJ's clients – if you need immediate professional advice, there is access to urgent support.

For situations such as suddenly losing a loved one, just finding out a partner has cheated, a partner suddenly leaving,  a huge argument with a friend or loved one, anxiety or panic attacks, or any other issues that are hurting and stealing your peace right now –  just know that you can talk to TJ for a confidential, supportive chat very quickly.

She will guide you to find the answers that are right for you, and allow you to hear that inner voice which so many of us are experts at ignoring. TJ will not impose judgments on your situation and will provide independent guidance or advice to help you come to peace with a decision or situation that might be causing you pain.

If TJ feels that the issue cannot be resolved via the email or telephone options below, then further suggestions for support will be made.

For New Clients

We recommend you start with
Initial Conversation
Learn more about how TJ can help you, without any obligation or cost.
1st Life & Love Session
An opportunity to understand yourself better, to start on the journey of self-acceptance and become the happiest authentic version of the person you were born to be.
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For Existing Clients

Other services available:
Myseemei Experience
The Myseemei Experience is a life changing 5 session programme that has the potential to revolutionise the way you view yourself. This incredible combined self-discovery and hypnosis programme has profoundly impacted clients with positive effects evident after just one session.
Standard Session
Utilising an innovative therapy and coaching methodology which combines CBT, EFT, Ericksonian, Gestault, Boynian, NLP, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Spiritual Wellness, Life Coaching and Relationship Coaching, these sessions are designed to quickly improve your current happiness rating

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