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Love Therapy

Built on TJ's pioneering techniques and education, this service tackles the barriers of emotion and stress that have stood in your way.
Love Therapy
Love Therapy is a way to work through past hurt and heartache in love and relationships, to prepare to better experience love in the future.

In their initial contact with Life & Love, clients reveal insights to their current unhappiness with statements such as:

  • “I know I am not over my ex”
  • “getting divorced has made me feel a failure in relationships”
  • “ I just constantly attract the wrong partners for me”
  • “I am not sure I can ever love again”, or
  • “I am tired of getting hurt”.

This insightful awareness to the root of their pain is often the beginning point of the client’s journey to healing. It is key, then, to assess how these issues are manifesting; both in the client’s day-to-day life and love life.  

Once the Wheels of Life and Love assessment has provided the clients current happiness ratings, the results are used in a Life & Love Session to look deeper and provide a personalised, extensive review of the 12 key areas that combine to bring peace and happiness. Following this, a therapist from Life & Love can quickly analyse and recommend an individually tailored package, aimed at healing any pain, moving on from the past, and getting ready for love and happiness once more.

Love Therapy is one of the essential elements of the healing package and is a set of therapeutic interventions based on the cornerstones of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming. This work is carried in person by Life & Love therapist trained in Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Clients often attribute their increase in Happiness Ratings to the work of these interventions that enable the letting go of past issues related to love. 

Life & Love clients are then ready to move on to Love Coaching. Combined Love Therapy and Love Coaching may be recommended following a Life & Love Session as part of a tailored package to uncover how the past has affected love choices, lay the ghosts of past heartache to rest and allow for different love choices when getting ready for love again.

For New Clients

We recommend you start with
Initial Conversation
Learn more about how TJ can help you, without any obligation or cost.
1st Life & Love Session
An opportunity to understand yourself better, to start on the journey of self-acceptance and become the happiest authentic version of the person you were born to be.
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For Existing Clients

Other services available:
Myseemei Experience
The Myseemei Experience is a life changing 5 session programme that has the potential to revolutionise the way you view yourself. This incredible combined self-discovery and hypnosis programme has profoundly impacted clients with positive effects evident after just one session.
Urgent Support
If you need confidential support and guidance asap you can reach out to TJ as a qualified Therapist, Life and Relationship coach for a same day consultation

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This Service may include:

Standard Session
Designed to promote a real shift in the following emotional health and wellbeing issues : Depression, Stress, Suicidal thoughts, Anxiety and panic attacks, Toxic family management, Poor relationship selection/interaction (romantic and family), Healing from abuse, Heartache and relationship breakdown, Not being able to let go, attachment issues, Confidence issues, and low self-esteem, Bullying, Social awkwardness, Anger management, Bereavement and grief, Lack of purpose, Not feeling enough, Lack of future direction or motivation, Feeling lost or stuck, Acceptance of self, lack of self-love

Standard Session

Utilising an innovative therapy and coaching methodology which combines CBT, EFT, Ericksonian, Gestault, Boynian, NLP, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Spiritual Wellness, Life Coaching and Relationship Coaching, these sessions are designed to quickly improve your current happiness rating

All clients start with the NLP based 1st Life & Love session as it is essential that we baseline where you are at today so that you we can then evidence your progress.

Following any Myseemei Experience there is the option to carry on with standard sessions to focus on any areas of Life & Love that may require more work.

It may be that you feel that you do not want the Myseemei Experience and prefer to go straight into standard sessions but this would be discussed at your initial conversation stage.

Standard sessions are combination therapy and coaching sessions – two powerful tools used in the field of emotional health to help people overcome various life and love challenges then set or achieve their personal goals.

Combination therapy with TJ involves the use of multiple therapeutic toolkits to address and look to heal the root causes of any heartache, suffering, depression, anxiety etc.

This can include traditional talk therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Hypnotherapy, EFT etc.

The life and love coaching elements can be related to dating, romantic relationships, toxic family and friendship issues, planning and accountability for achieving future goals and dreams as well as spiritual development and mindfulness-based interventions.

You get to talk about your thoughts and feelings in a safe and non-judgmental space, and TJ will help you develop coping skills and strategies to deal with life's challenges. It's a great way to continue to gain insight into yourself and your behaviours and to learn how to make positive changes in your life.

If you are part of a couple that want to understand how to improve your current relationship or to analyse if your relationship should continue then TJ will work with you on both an individual then joint basis. It is important that as individuals you first analyse your own needs and then explore them within the boundaries of your relationship