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Myseemei Experience

The Myseemei Experience is a life changing 5 session programme that has the potential to revolutionise the way you view yourself. This incredible combined self-discovery and hypnosis programme has profoundly impacted clients with positive effects evident after just one session.
Myseemei Experience
TJ will work with you on both the conscious symptoms of your issues as well as the unconscious root causes. By utilising Hypnosis to dig up the weeds of the past and reset your life and self outlook towards a brighter happier future


The Myseemei Experience is a 5 step programme utilising an innovative therapy and coaching methodology which combines CBT, EFT, Ericksonian, Gestault, Boynian, NLP,  Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Spiritual Wellness, Life Coaching and Relationship Coaching.


Developed over years of identifying what therapy and coaching elements made the difference for her clients, TJ has designed The Myseemei Experience to promote a real shift in the following emotional health and wellbeing issues and to quickly increase happiness ratings:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Toxic family management
  • Poor relationship selection/interaction (romantic and family).
  • Healing from Abuse
  • Heartache and relationship breakdown
  • Not being able to let go, attachment issues
  • Confidence issues, and low self-esteem
  • Bullying
  • Social awkwardness
  • Anger management
  • Bereavement, grief
  • Lack of purpose
  • Not feeling enough,
  • Lack of future direction or motivation
  • Feeling lost or stuck
  • Acceptance of self, lack of self-love


Many of the above emotional health issues either come from or generate unconscious elements of self-sabotage. Bullying, physical or sexual abuse, neglect and abandonment can affect your self-worth and cause disconnection within yourself.

The cycle of self-sabotage from this subconscious disconnect is guaranteed to affect any future happiness or peace.

You can no longer hear yourself, trust your own instincts or love and stand up for yourself and can become vulnerable to the mal intentions of others

The three aspects of ourselves – Me, Myself, and I – therefore become out of balance, causing inner turmoil, heartache and pain and often leaving us feeling stuck, indecisive or giving up on life and love.

“ME, MYSELF and I”. Although you may be aware in words only of these parts of you, this programme provides a unique opportunity to reconnect and to heal any of these damaged parts.

By working cooperatively, ME, MYSELF, and I can bring you a deep sense of inner peace and healing. However, if they are in conflict or out of balance, they can actively work against each other, leaving you feeling stuck, indecisive, and vulnerable to harsh self-criticism.

Working cooperatively with the different parts of ourselves can be the key to unlocking the power of self awareness, self believe and self-love which will combat the negatives above.

If you also find yourself struggling with questions like who you really are, what your true desires are, or what you want to achieve in life, then the Myseemei Experience is designed for you.

This 5 session programme can be a spiritual awakening for some, but even if you’re not someone who seeks out that kind of experience, clients state the transformative impact of the programme as amazing and life changing.

Ultimately, the Myseemei Experience offers you the opportunity to gain a unique and  profound understanding of yourself that will serve you for a lifetime. By discovering and reconnecting to all parts you will feel whole, and ready to create the life you truly desire

To start this reconnection book an initial conversation with TJ and she will talk you through what to expect from each session of The Myseemei Experience

For New Clients

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1st Life & Love Session
An opportunity to understand yourself better, to start on the journey of self-acceptance and become the happiest authentic version of the person you were born to be.
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For Existing Clients

Other services available:
Standard Session
Utilising an innovative therapy and coaching methodology which combines CBT, EFT, Ericksonian, Gestault, Boynian, NLP, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Spiritual Wellness, Life Coaching and Relationship Coaching, these sessions are designed to quickly improve your current happiness rating
Urgent Support
If you need confidential support and guidance asap you can reach out to TJ as a qualified Therapist, Life and Relationship coach for a same day consultation

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This Service may include:

Myseemei Family
The Family Extension exists to help you navigate family life – whether that’s being a bigger part of a family, learning to work with family, or working out when and how to walk away from family.

Myseemei Family

It’s often said that “we don’t choose family” but rarely do we have to accept that and stop our exploration and consideration there. Being part of a family is easy for some and torturous for others.

Understanding ourselves in relation to our family is one of the most stressful parts of therapy – but in this extension to the Myseemei Experience developed by TJ Gibbs, you're able to utilise the architecture of My, Myself, and I to honour whatever element of self you're striving to find. This doesn't force or abandon any family connection; it's about helping you define and refine your family map.

Myseemei Nurture
Children, nurturing, and caregiving – are often roles society thrusts upon us. In this service, we explore the place within you to help you decide and refine your desires and mindset in this area.

Myseemei Nurture

Nurturing is one of those elements of the self we often don’t discuss. “Do you want to have kids?” can be a loaded question and we often avoid those in society. That doesn’t mean it’s not something that should be explored.

The Myseemei Family extension is a valuable resource for anyone looking to navigate the confusing and often challenging area of caring for others, particularly children. This unique therapy and coaching combination is designed to help individuals make informed decisions about whether or not to have children and provides guidance and support for those who choose to pursue non-nuclear family arrangements.

In addition to counselling on family planning decisions, the Myseemei Family extension offers support for navigating non-nuclear family arrangements. This can include everything from blended families, to LGBTQ+ families, to extended families, and more. Many families today are non-traditional in nature, and it can be difficult to navigate the unique challenges that come with these arrangements. The Myseemei Family extension provides tailored guidance and support for families navigating these challenges, helping them to build stronger, more cohesive families that thrive.

Myseemei Money
Analyse current financial habits and patterns, understand the reasons involved, and work on ways to correct them in future.

Myseemei Money

Most of us are not taught how to manage money. Even when we’re lucky enough to have things explained, or discovered for ourselves, we’re often fighting a history of witnessing negative financial patterns and behaviours from our role models.

TJ developed this continuation of the Myseemei Experience to help clients manage money by reasoned intention and separate emotional/reactive responses from financial management.

Whether you're struggling to make money stretch far enough, have trouble letting go of even the most minor amounts, or find yourself vacillating between spending sprees and frugal funds. This extension aims to support your search for a comfortable middle ground.

Myseemei Love
Identify your current positions with self-love and outward love. What do you want and how do you get there?

Myseemei Love

Benefit from TJ's revolutionary experience with love, applied to the framework of Myseemei. Your relationships and love future will transform.

Bringing your whole self into the conversation about love or potential love can help remove many of the painful, conflicting, soul-damaging elements of romance. Working with your “Me, Myself, and I”, this extension to the Myseemei Experience is a groundbreaking relationship advancement.

As an expert in love, TJ has developed several tools and programmes using a combination of therapeutic support systems and future coaching methods. Furthering your Myseemei experience with a love focus will help protect your heart and offer you stronger, more mature, and rewarding relationships

Myseemei Career
Look at how the client’s career has progressed so far (including education), assess what they want of their future career space, and plan for it.

Myseemei Career

The average person will spend 90’000 hours at work within a lifetime. Shouldn’t it be spent doing something they love and gives them fulfilment?

A fulfilling career is a crucial aspect of our lives. It is not just a means to make money and survive but also an avenue for personal growth, self-discovery, and self-actualization. Unfortunately, many people get stuck in jobs they are not passionate about simply because of financial obligations. They settle for roles that pay the bills but provide no real satisfaction or sense of accomplishment.

This is where TJ's extension to her Myseemei Experience therapy and coaching programme comes in. TJ recognizes the importance of having a career that is not just financially rewarding but also emotionally fulfilling. Her coaching program is designed to help individuals identify their passions, strengths and goals and guide them towards a career that aligns with these elements.

Myseemei Future
Identify what it is you want from your life overall, how it will integrate with the life you have now, then find a way to get you there.

Myseemei Future

Where will you be in 5, 10, or 20 years? Whilst we may be most used to those questions coming up in job interviews where we are often flustered or improvised through a response – the reality is that if we don’t choose the future that’s right for us, how can we ever expect to end up there?

The Myseemei Future service operates on the principle that everyone has the potential to achieve great things in life. With the right mindset, skills, and support, individuals can transform their dreams into reality and live a fulfilling, meaningful life. The service is accessible to anyone, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, or social background.

One of the key strengths of Myseemei Future is its emphasis on self-reflection and personal growth. This service encourages individuals to explore their inner world, understanding their values, beliefs, and motivations. They are empowered to identify the obstacles and challenges that are holding them back and create a plan to overcome them.

Myseemei Spiritual
To look within, define spirituality around what you value and removing unconscious filters or biases which stand in your way to find a route to the spiritual you.

Myseemei Spiritual

People are looking to find that inner fulfilment. Whilst there are a number of ways we can achieve this, it’s very easy to be misled, influenced or “guru’d” into a new way of life, rather than discovering spirituality for oneself.

Spirituality is a concept that encompasses a wide range of experiences and beliefs. Unlike religion, which often has specific doctrines and organized practices, spirituality is a deeply personal and individual experience. This means that the definition of spirituality can vary greatly from person to person.

At its core, spirituality is about cultivating a sense of connection to something greater than oneself. This could be God, the universe, nature, or simply a sense of inner peace and harmony. It involves acknowledging and exploring the deeper aspects of the human experience, such as love, purpose, and meaning.

Because spirituality is so personal, we're often left in the dark trying to align our needs with someone else's concept. Myseemei Spiritual uses the core work from your Myseemei Experience to hone in on what you need from spirituality, then supports you in seeking it. Ultimately, the goal of Myseemei Spiritual is to deepen your understanding of yourselves and your place in the world.