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1st Life & Love Session

An opportunity to understand yourself better, to start on the journey of self-acceptance and become the happiest authentic version of the person you were born to be.
1<sup>st</sup> Life & Love Session
Utilising NLP the 1st Life & Love Session will change the way you see yourself and the life you have lived so far. It is the jump off point for letting go of any future self-sabotage, increasing your current peace and happiness and setting up new belief patterns to go after what you deserve from both life and love.

Prior to your 1st Life & Love Session TJ will have supplied you with The Wheels of Life and Love assessment that you will have rated and submitted to her. These results will underpin this eye opening and life changing session where you can expect to:

  • Examine how anxiety, panic attacks, stress, etc, are helpful discovery processes
  • Learn about the 7 year cycle of life
  • Identify where you are currently at in this cycle to understand if you are judging yourself too harshly
  • Evaluate any interruptions to your personal growth during the seven-year cycles that may have affected where you are now.
  • Discover an exciting understanding of the 3 parts of you that, if not in alignment with each other, will generate self-sabotage for the rest of your life
  • Review and discuss limiting beliefs and negative behaviour patterns that are sabotaging your current or future happiness
  • Evaluate your current happiness ratings across the 12 areas of life and love that are key to achieving and maintaining peace and happiness
  • Identify the priority areas of your life that need focus and attention to give you the quickest wins

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