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Wheels of Life & Love

The Wheels of Life and Love are the starting point of working with TJ.  The wheels provide an initial personal assessment and inventory of a client’s current happiness ratings with life and love. Developed by Life & Love Founder TJ Gibbs, this service is also utilised to measure the ongoing progress of clients throughout their coaching or therapy.

Click here to learn how to use the Wheels of Life & Love


Step 1: Ask yourself “How happy am I with this area of my life right now”

Step 2: Move the slider to the appropriate score with 1 being extremely unhappy and 10 being extremely happy

Step 3: Take a note of your initial Life Happiness Rating

Step 4: Click Next and repeat the above for the areas of Love

Step 5: Either take a screen shot of your final ratings to keep for yourself or submit to TJ to discuss further in an initial session

Step 6: Take a close look at the areas that you score low and decide what focus you can give that area of your life to improve the ratings

Step 7: Pop back in 3 months and retake your scores to see your growth

Wheel of Life
Wheel of Love