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Unicorn Syndrome

Unicorn Syndrome
Unicorn Syndrome

In the first Get Ready For Love exercise, we will look at how invested you are in ‘The Unicorn Syndrome’ and whether your focus is on the reality of a relationship or the potential of a fairytale ending.

This exercise is not recorded in your Soul Plan (if you're following the GRFL programme); it is a light ice breaker to get you in thinking mode before the real work starts.

For those not currently in a relationship, answer these questions from the viewpoint of a previous relationship

Interested in learning more about The Fairytale Syndrome and how TJ can help? Learn more about Get Ready For Love.

Unicorn Syndrome

Do you select your partner’s wardrobe?
Do you actively encourage your partner to change their appearance in any way?
Do you feel your partner needs more of your love, in order to be more loving?
Do you find yourself thinking “if only …… then we would be okay”?
Do you feel your partner should be more romantic?
Do you think your partner should be less sensitive?
Should your partner want more from life?
Do you feel your partner could become the person who would make you happy, given time?
Do you want your partner to show their love more?
Do you hope your partner will reach the potential you see in them?