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Your Profile Info (The Tinder Tip-Offs: Maximise Your Experience 2/4)


People select matches on dating apps based on a number of senses which include what they see, what they hear and what they feel/sense. Following on from our previous blog on the importance of authentic photos to attract the right Tinder match we go a bit further and explore the non-visual side of the app.

Tinder has now introduced the option to hide your name and location!!  This can stop someone matching you. If people are selective in their choices (the best time-saving strategy) then knowing your age and location is a baseline for all other info. It is therefore highly recommended that you utilise this option to save your time and energy in the long run.

Keep your info helpful and real! Statistics prove that people are generally two inches shorter and a year older than the photo they post online.  Lying about your age, height or what you look like might get you on a first date but it could well be downhill from there and can just be a waste of both people’s time.

The average UK height for a guy is 5.9” and a woman 5.2” but who classes themselves as average today? Most women want to know a guy’s height, they may well be very short or tall themselves and prefer a good match or are particularly keen on tall guys.  Guys are not as particular on this angle, however, a 6ft 5 guy would probably want to know whilst making his match if you are 4ft 11.

Your age to you might be just a number but to others, it may be a deal breaker. Don’t lie about your age the right match for you will not care about it, the wrong match could be attracted to your lies.

Location, location, location.  Turn the setting on so people can make informed choices.  No matter how hot a potential match is if you have a busy lifestyle and don’t drive is it worth a match over 30 miles away?  If it’s not practical then it is less likely to work out and heartache could be avoided by being sensible about your dating choices prior to matching.

So to sum up it’s highly recommended that you utilise all your settings and give some thought to how far you are prepared to travel.  That is not to say that you just list your age and height as your profile information but that you interweave that information into a short snappy bio.

Tinder allows you the option to write something or nothing on your information bio to go alongside your picture.  Again many opt out of utilising this important tool. This has made it harder for people to make a decision on if they are interested and also to understand how to break the ice. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you utilise the information section to maximise your Tinder experience.

However, it is equally important that this section is not waffle or negative as may put some off. Look out for our next blog in our series of Tinder blogs where we will go into this in more detail.

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