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What You Say (The Tinder Tip-Offs: Maximise Your Experience 3/4)

As we have spoken about in previous Tinder Tip blogs there is an option to use or not use a text bio to go alongside your Tinder images. Choosing to put nothing minimises your chances of good matches and means that those who do match may struggle to find a way to break the ice.

In an upcoming blog in the Tinder Tips series we will explore how men and women match differently and how the bio is used at different times but right now we are focussing on the content of this text and making a short snappy bio that increases your chances of attracting someone who you can share your life and laughter with.

In this busy time-stressed dating culture, decisions are often made instantly. Keeping your profile information short, sweet and real is going to pay dividends for your dating experiences.

Make sure you are clear about what kind of relationship you are looking for.  If it’s a hookup (known as Ludus Love in the Get Ready For Love Book) then make this clear as that will attract those who are on the same length as you.  However, if it is something more substantial then ensure you include this info.

Include a call to action in the final line of your bio for those who need a bit of prompting to swipe. This could be as simple as “swipe right and we can talk some more” or” looking forward to hearing from you”.

Good bio’s include positive statements on your outlook on life, highlight your interests that you would like to share with another (Formula One or knitting might be tough to share as an interest)), who you are, what you are looking for, and end with a call to action.

Bad bio’s (I actually think some people right bios to put people off!) can include rants on what you don’t want, interests that are only about sport, makeup, watching tv or lazy statements on staying in or eating out , “just ask”, as well as sarcasm and digs at other people’s profiles.

I randomly selected profiles from Tinder and 80% had no info on their profile bios. As many guys are choosing not to utilise this tool then simply by doing it the guys that do are going to stand out from the Tinder crowd.

Here are some good (not perfect) examples that I picked out that also had the location and age settings turned on:

Shy, easy going and love cosy nights in watching tv with a takeaway as well as holidays in the sun as Tenerife is my favourite place.”

I am easy going 5.5”, don’t take life too seriously but have a serious side when needed. I enjoy weekends away at soul events and also like to chill at home. I keep fit but am not a mad gym person, please ask anything else you would like to know

Im fun loving, work hard play harder. Im a singer songwriter who enjoys travelling and love exploring new places. Looking for someone who’s willing to go with the flow. I am very positive about life!”

Hello im 5ft 10 from West London, looking for that special someone for romance. I’m open minded caring honest and romantic”.

Here is a template outline to make your bio count and to attract matches that will work for you. Smile when your writing it – this might sound gimmicky but this will help set the right tone and come through in the words:

  • Keep it short – between 20 and 60 words
  • State your specific location – London is too vague
  • Be clear on who or what kind of relationship you are looking for
  • State some interests that will attract a like-minded person
  • End with a Call to action

Here is an example of how one of the above profiles might look using all the above and previous blog suggestions (54 words)

“Hello im 5ft 10 from Hammersmith West London, looking for that special someone for romance. I’m open minded caring honest and romantic”. I am an outdoor person and love hiking and long walks with my dog. If you want someone to hold hands with on a walk then swipe me and let’s start chatting”

Now that your profile is ready to go look out for our final blog in this Tinder series where we look at what happens after a match and explore contact etiquette between matching and that first date.

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