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I deserve true love

True love lights up my life!

I cherish the feeling of excitement that moves through my every bone when I am in love. It is a feeling that I always want to have with me because it makes me completely and utterly happy.

True love allows me to see light where others see darkness.

It changes my perspective on many things. I like the person I become when I am in love. I am a better friend, sister, and co-worker when the joy of love fills me up.

Love energises me and gives me the drive to go out and reach for whatever I want. I feel invincible like nothing is too far or too high for me to reach. It is this feeling that pushes me towards greatness.

I know true contentment when I am in love because there is very little that makes me uncomfortable or unsettled. Even the most difficult situations are like a walk in the park because I know I have something greater than the negative feelings that the situation is trying to create.

I feel like the world's brightest light illuminates within me when I am in love.

Today, I allow my love to be the source of my joy throughout every moment of every day. Living in true love is like hearing my favourite song play endlessly in my ears.

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Remember life is for loving – that includes yourself!

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