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The Tinder Profile (The Tinder Tip-Offs: Maximise Your Experience 1/4)

With over 10 million daily active users making over 26 million daily matches Tinder has established itself as one of the leading mobile dating apps.

As popular as Tinder is why are so many people still struggling to find someone they want to date amongst the Tinder crowds? Why is serial dating becoming more prolific and dating fatigue on the increase?

For those who may not yet have become acquainted with Tinder the process works via a visual swipe left if not interested and swipe right if someone holds takes your fancy. If both parties swipe right you have a match – in theory!

Getting into the match pile for Tinder is the first rung on the ladder to meeting your ideal Tinder partner so it is important that your profile works in attracting those you are interested in.

In this the first of our Get Ready For Love Tinder Mini Blogs let’s look at some do’s and don’t for your Tinder Profile pics:

  • No one is going to match a profile image of a dog, car, plants, or football flag. Unless possibly they are hiding behind a dodgy picture too or are a scammer
  • Children in your photos are an absolute no-no! This makes people uneasy that you are willing to expose their pictures to all and sundry.
  • Make sure you look like your picture! Using pictures of someone else, or from 10 years ago is bound to just end in disaster.
  • Have more than one pic on your profile.  Often it takes the brain to see you from different angles to be able to register an attraction.
  • Do not do group photos unless your primary photo is of you.  I recently heard of a woman who matched a guy presuming who he was a certain person in a group profile pic. They got on well during the conversation but only found out on the date she had the wrong person and was not physically attracted to her date!
  • Wearing a hat, sunglasses or worse both will get you fewer swipes as the brain cannot compute the attraction of a half set of assets! This is mostly a guy thing but the equally frustrating equivalent according to many guys is when women filter their pictures or the selfie pout. Feeback says that it feels like someone is not comfortable in their own skin when they seek to filter their pictures.
  • Do not have all your profile pictures as selfies and in your house or your car. The aim of your profile pics is to show your personality and lifestyle in the hope that someone with equal energy will match you.
  • One for the guys – Bathroom Topless selfies shout hookups!  If that is where you are coming from that’s a good thing. However, many women state that this is a high turn off as either it sends out messages of vanity or even insecurity.  If you want to show off your assets why not include natural pics of on a beach for example which sends a different kind of message.
  • The oldies are the besties -Smile!!!  The light that comes from an authentic smile from a photograph will instinctively attract those on your wavelength.
  • Be prepared to experiment with different pics regularly.  It’s amazing how pics of you that you may hate others will love.

Look out for another upcoming mini blog with more Tinder Tips as we focus on getting your profile information on point.

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