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Singles Guide to the Christmas Party

| TJ Gibbs |

So it’s that time of year again – the time when looking silly with Xmas jumpers and Santa hats, acting silly with mistletoe and bad Xmas carol singing is totally encouraged.

Being Single is a state of mind at this time of year, It’s understandable that it’s a reminder that you don’t currently have a significant other to share the celebrations with however, this could all change if you Carpe Diem (seize the day) and exploit the opportunities available to have fun and connect during this party season.

Make the most of every opportunity to dress up as every party or social occasion is a date in itself.

Keep the alcohol in check if you are seriously on the lookout for a New Years Eve date as the best version of you is one that is at least able to remember how to add a phone number to your contacts.

Show up and Join in!!! Xmas parties are like going to the gym – most of the effort is taken in getting there. Once you arrive don’t hog the corner and look on as others partake in the fun, show off your moves (or lack of them) – there is nothing more attractive than someone who has fun in their own skin.

Flanter Flanter Flanter! This is the one time of year that flirty banter is acceptable and almost encouraged. Practice on everyone!!! Give compliments – love their Xmas jumpers, appreciate their smile. If you are someone who finds it difficult to make conversation then practice the skill by simply asking about the other person. We are all our own favourite topic of discussion.

Of course, an abundance of alcohol and mistletoe can loosen the inhibitions but can also loosen the tongue. Be sure to line up a wing woman/man at the office party to keep an eye out for your best interests and prevent you telling your hot boss that it’s your dreams of them that are making you late in the mornings!

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Keep things in perspective. The festive season brings out a side of people that may be put away by New Years. Don’t over read compliments, gestures, gifts or physical contact as signs of intent as these may well be just the Xmas spirit. Be prepared to take any potential connection slowly but also ensure that you give the other person an opportunity for further connection.. a simple “hey can I add you on Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat” maybe all it takes to keep the good vibes going.

Knowing when to stop is the key to minimising any regrets. Remember you have another 51 weeks of the next year to live down any misdemeanours or faux pas. It may sound like a good idea to announce over the karaoke machine that you find your best friend sexy as hell but it might be something you might regret making public!

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