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Party Season – Get Flirting

| TJ Gibbs |

Tis the season to be jolly falalalala lala la la ! Ok so its party season and fun is rife at this time of year.

The opportunities to socialise increase, people relax and become more approachable and cheeky “flantering” (flirty banter) is totally acceptable. Could there be a better time for singletons to catch the attention of that special someone? The season of flirtation has arrived.

Whether it’s getting close under the mistletoe, eye contact over the clinking of a glass of the Office Party Prosecco or that Xmas Carol duet on the night bus, the party season gives singletons an ideal opportunity to openly flirt.

Maximise this party season and hone your flirting skills with these 5 top tips:

  1. Don’t take yourself too seriously Avoid overthink of what to say, when or how etc. If you are having fun and feel the urge to go talk to a total stranger leave your inner critic at home – this is the season where acting on impulse is totally acceptable.
  2. Keep it light Don’t try too hard – your aim is just to break the ice and let the joie de vivre of the festivities take control. If your aim is to achieve any kind of outcome other than to say hi and connect then you are trying too hard.
  3. Ice Breaker Recommendations Avoid jokes – it’s #awkward if they don’t find it funny. Don’t use chat up lines as it kind of kills the festive mood. Find a compliment if possible ie” Love the Xmas Bauble Earring” or “Your smile is infectious” . If compliments don’t flow easily for you then maybe have a stock ice breaker question…”What’s your favourite xmas carol?” ….”Turkey fan yes or no”? “New Years Eve – In or Out?” If you are really feeling brave then grab some mistletoe and pucker up!
  4. Move on If alcohol is involved then there is a chance to read any signs of interest wrong but who really cares when you were only looking to say hi. If you get a frosty reception or your spirit of fun is not appreciated then don’t dwell just move on and make other people smile.
  5. Stay put If your ice breaker connection has done the trick. they are engaging and seem interested, don’t let your attention wander – unless you have decided you are not interested of course. Be prepared to spend some time and follow through with conversation. If you sense there might be a mutual interest don’t expect the other person to take the next step. Be bold but light hearted and attempt to seal the next interaction ie are you a texter or a caller ? How can I find out for sure?

Opportunities missed are stories never to be told – love, fun and festive seasons are all about creating memories – go forth and multiply your memories this loving season.


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