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Listening to others enriches my relationships.

| TJ Gibbs |

All of the relationships in my life have meaning to me. How I act can influence the course of my relationships and I can control my actions. I provide value in my relationships by listening to others and this deepens the connection.

Whenever possible, I pay attention to others when they speak, truly listening to what they say. I feel their feelings and hear more than just the words. I tune out distractions and focus my attention on one person at a time.

I give this gift of attention without expecting anything in return.

Although my goal is to help others feel heard and understood, I cannot listen to everyone and this is okay.

I give my loved ones my most personal attention and listen to others when the time permits.

When I feel tired or unable to give someone the attention they deserve, I politely excuse myself. It is good to listen to myself as well.

Today, I enrich my relationships by listening to others. I can demonstrate effective listening skills, teaching others how to listen as well.

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