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I show affection to others.

| TJ Gibbs |

I show affection to others.

Sometimes, I am overwhelmed with feelings of caring toward my friends and family or even a co-worker with whom I have worked closely over the years. When I first see a loved one after a long absence, I feel profoundly glad to see them.

When I experience these warm feelings, I show the affection I feel. When I demonstrate my affection to others, the positive feelings we share serve to strengthen our bond.

Sometimes, I feel an incredible closeness to my loved ones. Other times bring a quiet sense of accomplishment.

I am so pleased with how I can easily express my love toward others.

When I give a hug, a peck on the cheek, or a pat on the back, I make it a point to observe how the receiver of my affection responds. It is truly reinforcing to see the ways others light up when I express my affections toward them.

Showing my affection is a loving thing to do. When I express affection toward others, it shows I have generosity and strong personal character.

Today, I know I can increase my efforts to show my affection to others.

Taking hold of a friend's hand, patting an acquaintance on the back for a job well done, and giving my child a quick hug are behaviours I can easily do to demonstrate my affection.

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