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5 Signs That They May Not Be Single

| TJ Gibbs |

Ok, so you have recently met someone. You definitely think this is going somewhere but something is niggling you – something feels off.  They seem distracted and often “not with you” completely. They are saying they are single and not dating anyone else but you’re not convinced.

      1. You have never been invited to their home: This is an obvious one but something that nowadays in people’s busy life’s can go under the radar.  It may suit you to always meet at your place but have you actually been invited to theirs?  If you haven’t, then request an invite and see what reaction it gets!
      2. You have not met any of their friends: It may be too early to meet their friends but if after a few dates, and having met some of your friends, there continue to be no social invites to hang out on their social scene then this could be a red flag!
      3. There are always excuses to not stay over: They have an early start at work, have to get up early to feed the dog or no overnight babysitter are all good enough reasons to not stay over. However, when excuses are constant and possibly combined with Sign 1 either this person is not comfortable in getting serious or someone could be expecting them home. 
      4. They can’t plan outside set times of the week: Some people thrive on routine – others on spontaneity. A healthy relationship will have a balance of both.  If someone can only meet you at a set time of the week or if they are last minute in making arrangements with you this could mean that they are not free to be flexible in the time they spend with you. 
      5. They don’t seem interested in your life outside of the time you spend together: For a relationship to grow it needs investment in time, communication and interest. Are your conversations are somewhat superficial and evolve around likes, interests and having fun? Is your time together focussed on sex, alcohol and escaping from life? These could be signs that they already “do serious” and are committed elsewhere

Just as in the communication giveaway blog each of the above signs carries 5 points. If your situation is scoring 15 points or more then no wonder you are concerned.  If you then check out the scoring in the communication giveaway and score a combined total of 25 or more it is highly likely your intuition is spot on!


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