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Xmas Singles Pity Party

| TJ Gibbs |

Being Single can be a daunting and overwhelming experience , especially if you have been used to being in a long term relationship. Whether you have chosen to be single..taking a sabbatical from the roller coaster of love and lust ..or the single title has been bestowed upon you with little option via cries of “its not you its me”, or “I need some space” or simply “this is just not working out” ..the fact remains that being single can be seen as a curse or a blessing dependant on thoughts you attach to.

Even the Single Soldiers who have faught the war of being the only single person at a dinner party, not having a plus one to take to the best friends wedding, constantly in a battle of “being matched with totally unsuitable other singletons,  and who have finally found their satisfactory response to the never ceasing interrogation questions of   “how comes your single”  might come across the singleton pity party during the Holiday season of Xmas and New Year. For those dear darling girlfriends in relationships who feel the onset of a single girls pity party please read ahead with compassion at how “awful” xmas can be for a single ready to mingle.  

WED 24th December – Xmas Eve

3pm – Ensure I get rid of any trace of available Quality Street in my work vicinity to ensure that my healthy eating plan on Jan 5th is not open to sabotage.

M&SS4pm – Ensure I have a perfect spot in Marks and Spencers as I buy my contribution to the xmas dinner ..the xmas cake….so that I am on hand to advise those single guys who have left it till now to shop for their mum’s, sisters, Dads etc. Avoid the lingerie section its where all shopping for the girlfriend/mistress takes place.     7pm – Sit down with the TV /SKY guide and plan the next 10 days recording schedule, planning ahead for those PJ/Onsie days 10pm – Check in with my POF admirers…if he is hanging around on POF on Xmas Eve he may well be planning his 10 day schedule..who knows how our schedules could cross 1am – As I finish off the last of the Zinfandel unwrap the ridiculously over priced handbag and shoes plus that MIC Box set that I brought Myself …It’s Xmas day after all!!  

THUS 25th December- Xmas Day

duvet11am – Get up!!!!  after all I have already dropped back to sleep once as I woke up at my normal 7am ready for work…an amazing gift to  myself to snuggle back down under the duvet with no one to say that you’re a lazy mare, or ask if im cooking breakfast and comment I cant believe u are still in bed.   2pm – head out for xmas dinner knowing that my brother will probably be drunk and upset someone, my sisters boyfriend is gonna be getting the silent treatment for buying PJ’s from M&S as a xmas gift (I did warn him last night that it was not a good idea) and that at least one family member will cheat via the internet during Trivial pursuit. Mum has sneaked me an extra pressie under the tree as she says that I didn’t have someone special to buy for me…a copy of “Get Ready..For Love …… recognise Your Soul’s Mate and find out why you may be attracting less than you deserve”…..mum is also beginning to notice my bad choice in men aggghhh!  Gotta do something about that in 2015 …this should make interesting reading for my holiday period!

PJs9pm –  Having been dropped off by my sister as she REALLY needed to have a rant about those PJ’s!! I get into my Onsie, check in on my pc and realise the cutie I was chatting to last night left a message and is on line…after 10 mins of swapping xmas day tittle tattle with him  I settle down to catch up with todays’ soaps knowing that someone is going to die, find out about a secret baby or uncover an affair on xmas day. 1am – I suddenly remember my secret santa gift from My girlfriends and snuggle down in bed to giggle relentlessly at the 100 chatup lines handbook…My favourite so far being “Do You like dancing? Ok Good off You go and enjoy yaself whilst I stay here and chat to your mate”  

THUS 26th December- Boxing Day

10am – Wake up….11am …get up…grab a bacon sandwich then go for that long walk in the park with my neighbour’s dog …I need to blow the cobwebs away and get prepared to face the couples cooing at this afternoon’s friends get together.

Baileys2pm – My girlfriend Sharon and her husband pick me up with the kids and having asked what I did with my xmas day they look on kindly stating ok well you have us now to keep you company…..I guess the soap evening may have sounded sad??  Being the single girlfriend means that others want me to have a drink and enjoy myself, im not complaining as the bottle of mint baileys I am contributing to the get together will definitely help me go with the flow.     8pm – Wow  I virtually had the Baileys to myself…Sherie wasn’t drinking as had to visit her man’s family and break the pregnancy news.  Chelle had just broken up (for the 5th time) with Ron as he had told her that he would take her shopping for her gift in the sales so she actually turned up steaming having finished off the Vodka jellys she was making for the party….Nicole and Paul were abstaining as Paul had work the next day and Nicole felt that she should support her man by not drinking…. Sharon, had to leave after a few hours as the little one seemed like she was going to never stop vomiting. 9pm – PC check  Mr Cutie has messaged “is there any chance we can talk over the phone”….what’s the harm I can always block him if he is a perve or a nuisance….the Baileys says yes! 1am – Just got off the phone (3 hrs) to Mr Cutie (Jason) He has asked if he can take me to dinner during the week…not like I haven’t got plenty of time!!

 bigstock-Woman-On-Sofa-Eating-Chocolate-3916073 SATURDAY 27th December

11am – 11pm – Sofa, PJ's, Made in Chelsea Box Set, home made left overs donated by my last two days host and a HUMONGOUS bar of Dairy Milk Chocolate ..the other part of my secret Santa gift.. The pity party can wait girlies…maybe until next week its New Year’s Eve…Ill let you know……

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