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Winds of Change

| TJ Gibbs |

The Winds of Change are sweeping where’er I may go
They whisper words of weeping to know what I need to know
The feeling is of sadness to my very core
That everything is not as I would want       But why ….I’m just not sure

My Soul is saying  “listen” to the message I have for you
Wait patiently my Sistren re something you thought you knew
A message will be arriving to take away your pain
To allow you to start thriving and become stronger once again

All I can do is wait for The Wind Of Change to blow
To find out if my fate depends on that which I should know
Right now my heart is aching from the confusion and hurt it feels
But my Soul has not forsaken its getting me ready to heal

I know that I must be patient for The Wind Of Change to blow
But when will the message arrive ? ..I simply need to  know!
The whisper gently answers “when you are ready to receive
And its news will be life changing…you will no longer grieve”

And so I await with anticipation…the gentle wind of change
Come blow your whispers upon me and help me rearrange
This pain hurt and confusion into something that I know
Will help me leave the sadness behind and guide me as I grow

© TJ Gibbs

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