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Whose Voice Is In Your Head?

| TJ Gibbs |

You may have heard of limiting beliefs …these are subconscious thought processes that stop us doing something you might want to do by illiciting emotions in you that affect your decisions……these beliefs often make themselves known as a little voice in our head that we try to swat away like a fly and can literally frustrate you as to why you can't make a decision on something.


This voice can be really powerful ….freeze you when you want to take a risk, belittle you when you try to grow, “humble” you when you might want to think big, make you feel unworthy of receiving success or money.

The voice tends to whisper in your ear but gets louder the nearer to making an uncomfortable decision comes and can, for many, paralyse you into not going forward.

black woman thinkingAnything that keeps you stuck where you are is not productive so it’s time to challenge that voice and ask yourself….is this really MY voice?  As individuals why would we self sabotage?  Once you investigate who does this voice look like….. sound like…..remind you of….feel like to you ….I am going to suggest that someone else’s face will come to mind.  It’s possible its someone who was more powerful than you at a time when you were younger or weaker ie a parent, a teacher, an ex partner, a sports coach etc.

Once you challenge whose voice you are listening to  inside your head you can begin to understand that your mother’s voice telling you “men don’t like strong women, you will never get a husband” or your fathers voice saying “don’t get out of your pram” (ill explain this one as it’s my predominant voice and its an English saying for “don’t rise above your station in life”…I’ve heard other cultural phrases for this ie “don’t put your hat where you can’t reach it”) or a preachers voice telling you “that money is the route of all evil” are the mantras of others  not yours….anything that does not help you grow, keeps you in pain, or does not allow you to thrive in this world, receiving all of the abundance you deserve is simply not “your” truth.

woman lightbulbSo now you have identified the voice….it does not mean that it will go away or that you will begin to ignore it but by understanding that you are hearing the voice of someone else you can begin to work on yourself in replacing that voice with YOUR truth…..your Soul will always give you that if you ask….and free yourself from the shackles of other's pain

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