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Self Love This Valentine's Day

| TJ Gibbs |

This Valentine’s day, my message is one so often overlooked by those who need it most.  It is simple to pay lip service to but difficult to achieve.  Unbelievably personal yet will only manifest or grow when explored more openly and in depth.  My message relates to the recapturing of Self-Love.

You may have heard me discuss self-love before and likely heard about it from other professionals in my field.  Sadly, you’ve almost certainly heard the concept mocked before.  The term is so widely-used that it doesn’t need explaining but it does need more understanding and explanation in order to be of real use.  Which is why from the 1st of February this year, we’ve begun a series of steps aimed at making self-love achievable and tangible to help anyone wanting to experience rapid change in both their life and love.

Self-love will define the foundation of any relationship.  If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect others to love you?  When we are unable to see what people love about us, we doubt that love and by association bring doubt to our relationships.

This isn’t just about romantic love but love in all its forms.  A person with limited self-love can burn themselves out seeking the approval and love of a parent, when in truth that if they replace it with self-love the void can disappear. In friendships, this lack of self-love often presents itself as an imbalance due to lack of boundaries or attention to your best interests. 

As simple as it might sound, the self-love principle is not a hippy-dippy cure all for the ills in the world!  Finding self-love won’t automatically lead you to discover the perfect romance and amazing family ties by magic. In a way self-love is even more crucial than that.  It’s the corner stone of everything related to love – how you see yourself in your world and how your relationships intertwine from that vision.  Which brings me back to how we are focusing on self-love this Valentine’s Day.

From the first of February, you will be able to join a new Life & Love’s Support Group on Facebook. This is a safe place (closed and private) where you can discuss any aspect of love and relationships with other members just like you. Until now, these groups have only been available to those on elite plans with me at Life & Love, but from February, we are opening the doors to invite any of you who want to have open and honest discussions about your issues with love – a crucial step for many suffering from lack of self-love.

Love Transformation Pack
Love Transformation Pack

From today, you’re also able to buy our Self-Love Assessment Pack, a new tool that would usually only be available within a course or L&L event which I’m now offering to all those who want to take back control of love in their lives. With this pack, you will receive a printed whiteboard-poster (erasable), featuring a 14-question assessment for you to review your self-love position, with spaces to track your previous and future target self-love scores. Available at only £5.99 this self-love assessment alone will bring a shift to any current self-love limitations. Combine your investment into a Love Transformation Pack with the Get Ready For Love book for just £9.99 (Kindle version) or £12.99 (paperback) and get yourself back into the driving seat of how you want to love and be loved.

Finally, coming soon is a brand-new L&L audio module – a practical short course on self-love which will further identify the importance of falling back in love with yourself and putting this into practace in your life. Not only is this being sold at a fraction of its normal value but will be further discounted to those who pre-register for purchase this Valentine’s day.

Without the acknowledgement that any lack of self-love could be affecting your relationships, these brand new L&L personal development tools are simply interesting. However, with your awakening to how important self-love is in getting your needs met, these tools become empowering starting points for achieving a tangible, rapid change in both your life and love.

Most seek others to give them the love they cannot give themselves.  The simple truth is, love is an inside job and it’s time to get to work – on you!

Happy Valentine’s Day

TJ Gibbs

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Remember life is for loving – that includes yourself!

Tj x


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