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Life As a 50 Plus Fittie!!

| TJ Gibbs |

As a teenager, 50-year-olds were those comfortable humans who wore slippers, drank copious amounts of tea, might smoke a pipe or knit lovely scarfs and took the dog for a walk twice a day!

Having now entered the 50+ culture the above is a mere whiff of what this generation gets up to!

For many 50 is the time you start to grow older “disgracefully”. In your 40’s there is still an element of having to behave like an appropriate adult, the kids don’t want you to embarrass them by being someone with a life, and time is something that seems to be spent on everyone else.

Then 50 ominously appears on the horizon and fear looms with an inner voice shouting “I am now middle-aged and much of my life is behind me”! 

Then, from nowhere, up pops your mini-me and whispers “Remember me?”

That part of you that used to love to plan a night out with banging tunes, had no issues with having to get a babysitter, that laughed at their own dancing videos because they didn’t take themselves too seriously, that moved on from people who didn’t like them because so many others did, that grabbed a bottle of Thunderbirds or Pink Lady and got ready to misbehave, who skinny-dipped with strangers, howled at the moon and walked home with no shoes on. You realise they are still there, calling your name “come on Daz let's go to Tenerifeee with the boys”, “Oi Shaz when was the last time we went to Margate for the day, ate chips and threw up on the Waltzer?”.

My experiences and those of many of my peers is that in our teens and our twenties we were Yuppies, we had the world at our feet, we worked hard and we played hard. Then our 30s and 40s became about kids, mortgages, practical cars, Zumba or golf. As the 50s have arrived they have re-released our inner child. As part of the “baby boomer” generation people over 55 now hold the majority of the UK’s wealth, accumulated by the previous money focus that had us investing in stocks and housing as early as in our 20’s.

So no wonder those of the single 50+ generation are not prepared to settle for the pipe, slippers or for growing old gracefully. This reappearance of their inner child and the second wind in life, coupled with the financial freedom that an empty nest has released, means they want to feel alive. Add to this that self-acceptance is probably at an all-time high as we have had the time and wisdom to grow into our own skin it's no wonder that so many are prepared to get on those dating apps and start feeling alive again. The restrictions experienced during Covid has obliterated the need to take things easy and people are ready to grasp life, make memories, laugh at themselves and make out again!!

Terms like MILF, GILF, DILF (do not look these up if you are not ready to know what they mean!) are everyday “urban” (that means young people slang) words to describe hotties over 40/50. An Oldie Worldie, (as identified in a previous blog) is someone who is “fit” (buff, well turned out) hot (sexy) and mature in years. Women are being invited to visit Cougar Town with many eager tour guides wanting to show them the sites and experiences that youth still has to offer them. Men wanting to date over 50 have competition from the younger generation so are also stepping up their game with many investing in manipeds and other grooming activities.

Yes S E X is still a thing for most Singles over 50 who want to feel sexy and desired. With less societal taboo holding them back and with techniques and experience on their sides it's time to explore avenues that were furthest from their minds whilst potty training or giving driving lessons.

Whether you are hurtling towards 50 or have already reached this nirvana of naughtiness – let your mini-me free to enjoy a dance weekender, a gig from your favourite 80s band, a hen night where you are the life and soul, or a lads night out where your charm and sophisticating woo the hottie in the room – get out there, give yourself permission to “misbehave” and just know your grandkids probably think you are really cool!!


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