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How Can Life & Love Help Me?

| TJ Gibbs |

  Hi, I’m TJ -Life & Love.  When I introduce myself as TJ Life & Love I am often met with a quizzical look and the first question asked is “What is a Love Coach”? In a nutshell my response is “I provide coaching and therapy to women who are struggling to find peace and happiness due to Love or Dating  issues.”

 At this point the quizzical look turns to intrigue and I often get asked the question “How does Love Coaching work”?  So here is a bit more about how this pioneering innovative coaching and therapy can possibly help you (or someone you know who is in pain).

All of us at some point have a heavy heart or at times pain when we are hurt by, or even hurt, those we love.  Many times the pain is temporary and time heals, other times we find ourselves unable to move on…stuck in pain that either causes us to stay single, get stuck in unhappy relationships or that affects us making future healthy relationship choices.

When I reached my own lowest point of heartache I felt Love had not worked out for me. I was convinced I had become unloveable and would never feel at peace with my relationships, not just with partners, as there was pain in other areas of love with family and friends. I sought help for my tears and my pain but medication, counselling and other therapies just didn’t touch the core of my sadness. I was ready to quit love …and life itself!

This experience and the subsequent healing was the awakening my soul needed to get in touch with my true purpose and as a result rising from the ashes of heartache that nearly cost me my life I became a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist,  NLP Practitioner, Relationship and Life Coach.

TJ Life & Love New Book. Get Ready For Love

 Now as the author of “Get Ready For Love”  I have combined my own life and love experiences along with my skills and training  to specialise as a Dating Therapist and as the UK’s Premier Love Coach.


There are many relationship coaches however there are very few specialised therapy/coaching options available to women who are not in relationships and whose specific problems are related to being single and in the “Ludos” dating culture that has sprung up over the last 10 years as a result of internet dating.

As a Dating Therapist I utilise my Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP knowledge via 1-2-1  sessions in person (or possibly via Tel/Skype) to help single women struggling to move on, from past or present pain, into new relationships or who need 1-2-1 help to break patterns of unhealthy love choices and get ready for love again.

Soul's Mate


As Life & Love I offer the “Get Ready For Love” Coaching Programme or provide a tailored life and love coaching package designed to help women through the cycle of Love whether it be related to dating, falling in love, being in love or falling out of love and moving on.


From the  “Get Ready For Love” Coaching programme you can expect to:

  • Understand your current Love and Life Happiness Rating
  • Confirm if you are ready for Love right now (scoring system to see if you are ready for  a relationship or not)
  • Understand how you “do” love, your primary rep system. love language and what type of love style you use
  • Learn the revolutionary new L&L technique to profile your Soul’s Mate
  • Find out how previous and potential partners match up to your true Soul’s mate
  • Identify your unique love programming, how it affects the men you choose and decide to change it if you wish
  • Acknowledge the importance of Self Love when looking for love

Something better


With this knowledge you can identify a plan to increase your current happiness in life and love,  fall  in love with yourself and learn how to recognise and attract your true Soul’s Mate.


These programmes can be delivered via

  • In person 1-2-1 sessions
  • Group Workshops/Seminars,
  • Get Ready For Love Online 10 week programme
  • 1-2-1 Tel/Skype Session

I hope this explains more about how Love Coaching and Dating Therapy can help you or someone you know.  I was not aware of anyone that could offer these services when I was in need so I hope that I can now help someone who may be stuck in pain to move on.

Know that Life is for Loving and pain can be a sign that growth is coming .

 TJ The Coach


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Articles that TJ writes for Life & Love cover all steps in the cycle of love and include tips and advice for many dating or relationship issues. Her experience as a Love Therapist, Love Coach and Life Coach bring a real-life approach to everyday situations.

Remember life is for loving – that includes yourself!

Tj x


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