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Friendship Inventory

TJ Gibbs
We do not save these exercises, or send them internally or anything (unless requested). But do understand that they can be helpful for you to refer back to. If you'd like to fill in this form, we'll email you a copy.

Friendships are about growth and learning how to love in a safe space. If you are not growing whilst in connection with someone or you are not feeling loved or safe then there may be a question mark for you over whether this friendship is over.

People come into our life for a season or a reason and sometimes we are lucky enough to have someone for a lifetime. The truth is… a friendship can be as emotional, joyful and painful as an intimate relationship but the deterioration of a friendship can be less obvious than that of a partner.

The subtle changes as people “outgrow each other” (which in spiritual terms means that the reason or season that they came into your life is now over) can often take a lot longer to realise. By then a lot of damage can be done to the connection or your own self esteem.

It is often said that we are the sum of the 5 people we are closest to therefore,  it is absolutely essential when reflecting on where we are and where we want to be with life and love,  that we take a Friendship Inventory.

L&L have provided you below with a short 5-10 min Friendship Inventory that allows you to explore both your Ride and Die’s and those that your heart might no longer feel the connection to.

We would highly recommend that you take the inventory on your closest friends (up to the 5 that the connections are close enough to shape) and look at who you might call a “Palentine” and who might you might need to consider letting go to allow you to move forward with peace and happiness in both life and love.

Once you have completed the quiz look out for upcoming videos on how you show up as a friend to others and, if required, how to let go of people in your life that your heart no longer feels.

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