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Become A Human Being

| TJ Gibbs |


Life has a momentum that seems to change….. so randomly at will
Sometimes it feels so hectic …… other times so still
I struggle to appreciate my blessings…. when times are good or bad
Always thinking of what used to be….. or what I could have had 


I struggle ..and I know you do…I know its not just me…
To accept that things are as they are…. that I am where I am supposed to be
Should I be doing more and more … get where I think I should
Or Should I just rest in the peace …..that I have done the best I could

Am I enough? Do I need To Change? Could I be better than I am ?
Have I given enough, loved enough….. and do I have a plan
To become that which I feel I ought to be……. for myself and for others
So much angst I give myself …I think I should recover

From the pressure, expectations….  the guilt upon my shoulders
To be better, richer, slimmer,  prettier……. more outgoing and bolder
I owe myself the time, the space…. and the love I should be receiving
Its time to stop the Human Doing ……and become a Human Being

© TJ Life & Love 2015

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Remember life is for loving – that includes yourself!

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