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Founder & Primary Therapist

Life & Love encompasses the evolution of services initially offered by The Love Coach, founded in the UK in 2013 by TJ Gibbs. 

As a certified Cognitive Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, and Relationship & Life Coach, TJ has now evolved her key services to cover mental health wellbeing, love, relationships, and emotional and spiritual happiness. Hence the rebranding of her services to deal with trauma and emotional wounds across both Life and Love.

Her life-changing work is delivered worldwide via Masterclasses, Books, 121 Therapy and Coaching and other online offerings. Her innovative straight-talking approach has made her a go-to expert for love and emotional wellbeing discussions.

TJ's focus on authenticity and self-love derived from her own personal spiritual journey from self-loathing to self-loving has meant she is sought after to provide feedback via radio, writing, magazine and speaking work, and is a journey you might want to find more about on her blog.

TJ originally identified a real need for professional therapy and coaching services specifically developed for recovery from serious heartbreak (with any type of relationship), enabling clients to move past the pain and get ready to enjoy both love and life again. As her clients moved in and out of the love cycle, they require assistance in additional areas such as depression, anxiety, grief, feeling lost, moving on, anger management, toxic self-sabotage, and other emotional challenges.

The evolution into the holistic offerings now provided by TJ via Life & Love includes an array of innovative services and products she has developed to support men and women through the 12 key areas of life and love that make up the baseline of any individual's happiness ratings.

TJ is focused on innovative, intervention-based techniques with quick turn-around results as she gently but firmly guides clients to return to their journey of connection to their authentic selves – the man or woman they were truly born to be!

“Life is For Loving.”
TJ's Philosophy
TJ Gibbs: Founder of Life & Love Ltd

Life & Love is the home of the Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme, an innovative and pioneering personal discovery programme, authored by TJ, which gets client’s in touch with the truth about their love & life. The programme provides a clear understanding of how and why you may love the way you have done so far whilst providing tools for reshaping what is really needed for peace, love and happiness going forward.


TJ says “For many, making sense of where they are at with life and love right now and understanding how they have arrived there is fundamental to working out where they want to go. Clients will benchmark their initial Life and Love Happiness Ratings and as their sessions progress, Life & Love will track growth and improvement enabling the client to identify how much improvement they have achieved”


Utilising an innovative therapy and coaching methodology which combines CBT, EFT, Ericksonian, Gestault, Boynian, NLP,  Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Spiritual Wellness, Life Coaching and Relationship Coaching, her sessions are designed to quickly improve your current happiness rating and make a real difference (in as little as five sessions) to the following emotional health and wellbeing issues:

  • Depression
  • stress
  • anxiety and panic attacks,
  • heartache and relationship breakdown,
  • attachment issues
  • confidence issues, and low self-esteem
  • social awkwardness,
  • anger management,
  • bereavement,
  • lack of purpose,
  • not feeling enough,
  • lack of direction,
  • feeling lost
  • poor relationship selection/interaction (romantic and family).

The initial session includes a professional analysis of each client’s unique model of the world. The client’s life and love ratings are measured before and after their sessions to ensure they can see improvements in their life and love happiness.

TJ Gibbs
Founder of Life & Love